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Salon Policies:
We do not currently offer mens cuts/pixie cuts/kids cuts. We do not offer any services on anyone under the age of 13. If the client is over 13, it will be charged as any other adult client. If the client is under the age of 18, we ask that a parent/guardian is present for the consultation.

Late Policy: Clients have a 10 minute window for being late (this is dependent on their actual stylist). If you are past that time window you may be asked to reschedule.

No-Show/Late cancellation Policy: Your card on file will be charged 100% of the missed service. Because we cannot add a different service price for every employee we have, we've chosen to charge the card on file our median cost for each service (level 2 pricing). ⁣ We kindly ask that you keep in mind this is your stylists livelihood and if you don't make it to your appointment, they don't get paid.


However we KNOW life happens and things come up, so just contact your stylist and let them know what's going on. Please remember this is our livelihood and when you don't show up that stylist doesn't get paid.

If you change/shorten your scheduled service within 24 hours of your appointment, you will be charged for the original scheduled appointment. This is not much different than canceling the appointment last minute. 

Re-do/Refund Policy: We DO NOT offer refunds. We want you to LOVE the service you have done. If you are unhappy with your service reach out to us within 72 hours and we will be glad to fix it for you. Our policy is also that the original stylist is the one that will perform the redo.

*All product sales are final! 

If you have a consultation with your stylist about what you want done and then later you decide you just don't like it on you or you want something different, that does not constitute a re-do and there will be a charge to fix it.

For the safety of your child and for the comfort of all guests, we do not allow children in the salon during your appointment. If you bring your child with you, you may be asked to reschedule which will result in a "no-show" fee. We do this for safety reasons, to make our stylists jobs just a little bit easier, and for the relaxation of our clients (including you)! Off of this, you must come to your appointment alone. No friends/parents/significant other/etc can be in the building during your appointment.

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